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About A Balanced You

About A Balanced You?

Experience the Sensation of Whole Body Wellness...

The conventional approach to health sees the body as a set of separate parts, each needing their own separate treatments. Look at the way the current healthcare system is organized, there is a doctor for nearly every body part, from dermatologists to cardiologists. But nature is not set up this way...there is no separation between any of our systems. They are all intricately connected in a brilliant dance that only nature could orchestrate.

At A Balanced You, we design our treatments using this whole body philosophy.

The most heartfelt complements we hear from our clients is "we get treated like a person here, not just a name on a form". The members of our team pride themselves on not just being licensed professionals who know their stuff, but on creating a caring and compassionate atmosphere, where your treatment revolves around you. We began our journey in 2006 when we opened our doors on the Southside of Jacksonville, we treat clients from Northern Florida, Southern Georgia and beyond.

Our Story

About Rosemarie Allen

We began as a long time dream of owner and manager Rosemarie Allen, who saw the need for alternative healthcare methods for those that had grown weary with conventional medicine. While we do advocate Natural Health and healing, we seek to complement not replace traditional methods, completing the circle of healing.

Ms. Allen has earned several academic degrees including M.S. in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando, Florida, B.S. in Allied Health Studies from Florida College of Integrated Medicine - Orlando, Florida , an A.S in Physical Therapy at Miami Dade Community College - Miami, Florida . Ms Allen has also received several awards including an Award of Distinction, and an Award of Merit from Cedar Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clients, the clinical experience of our staff spans over twenty years in the healthcare industry.


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