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BioMat Therapy

Bio-Mat Therapy

Experience the rejuvenating power of nature.

Imagine being able to improve your health and heal your body while you relax in soothing heat. That’s the benefit of BioMat technology: it’s effortless, easy to use, and feels great while it delivers deep healing. To address a specific health result, we position you comfortably on the BioMat, and let the deep-penetrating infrared rays repair and strengthen your body. It’s that simple. Even a short time on the BioMat reduces stress, muscle tension and aches and pains. Most of our clients find that the time they spend on the BioMat is the best part of their day, and a great way to unwind,like receiving a spa treatment.

Using the BioMat for just a short time delivers a range of health improvements. It helps improve your antioxidant levels, keeps your joints and muscles supple and well-conditioned, and leaves your body and mind relaxed and refreshed.

Treat yourself or someone you love to this fabulous gift of healing.

Real, Measurable Results

Bio-Mat Therapy

Unlike topical treatments that don’t address the root of the problem, the BioMat is capable of stimulating the cells of your nervous and musculoskeletal systems, achieving phenomenal results. In fact, your body absorbs far infrared rays to a depth of as much as seven inches! Clinical research shows that this technology stimulates improvements in a range of areas, including musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health, more efficient body detoxification, immune system resilience, improved sleep, increased energy and more.

The technology at the core of BioMat has been clinically proven to address a wide range of common health and wellness issues, including stress, insomnia, tissue damage, post-surgical healing and scar reduction, joint and muscle soreness, chronic neck and back pain, toxic deposits and oxidation levels, inflammation and arthritis, and circulatory issues. This powerful technology is absolutely safe to use and is used by tens of thousands worldwide. It has been found to be safe and highly effective when used for pain reduction, increased mobility, disease prevention, and total mind and body relaxation.

Benefits of the BioMat:

  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Eases joint pain and stiffness
  • Provides warm, soothing pain relief
  • Eliminates toxins in the body
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Alleviates migraines and tension headaches
  • Reduces allergy symptoms
  • Improves immune system function
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Burns calories and controls weight
  • Improves muscle tone and skin quality

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