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Sharing Knowledge. Improving Lives.

We have put together a series of informative workshops to educate and promote awareness on issues related to Natural Health and Healing. Our workshops are held at our office on Riverside Avenue unless noted otherwise. Admission is free of charge for most of our workshops, however, if there is a fee the amount will be listed. The workshops are open to the public, so please join us and bring a friend for an evening of fun. Remember to RSVP–call 904.327.0457 .

Health and Wellness Events for 2016

Topic: Let Food Be Your Medicine - Part 1
We will be discussing the dangers of GMOs, Genetically Engineered Foods
Date & Time: To Be Announced
What are they?
How do these foods affect our health?
How to recognize and avoid GMOs and more…
This Workshop is Free!

Topic: Organs Responses to Emotions Comes in Many Forms
Date & Time: To Be Announced
Craving sweets,salt, ice or cold drinks? Find out why is the digestive system is so affected by STRESS? Are you experiencing hair loss? Having difficulty sleeping? Discover the answers to these questions and more..
This Workshop is Free!

Topic:Let Food Be Your Medicine - Part 2
Organic versus Non Organic
Date & Time: To Be Announced
Basics on Alkaline versus Acidic foods
Alkaline water vs. regular water
What are the benefits?
This Workshop is Free!

Topic: Let Food Be Your Medicine - Part 3
Foods That Heals Emotions / Depression
Date & Time: To Be Announced
Why do you crave certain foods or flavors when emotionally upset? The importance of having Salt in the diet. Why do certain Foods make you feel good? Learn about healthy FEEL GOOD FOODS.
This Workshop is Free!


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Alkaline Water …The Water of life!
Bio-Mat Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy
Diabetes can be deadly… Get the Facts