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Our Fall Immune-Care Package

As the season change and the leaves begin to fall so does the temperature. Soon we will be drippy, sneezy and feeling yucky. Stay healthy during the cold and flu season and super charge your immune system with our Immune - Care package.

This package includes:

Immune support supplements are also available for sale.

This package is only $300. Call 904-327-0457 to purchase your package today!



BNB Free Consultation

A Balanced You Acupuncture Wellness Center is pleased to announce our free Acupuncture consultation. This in-office consultation is a 30 minute one-on-one session with the Physician. This willl give you some time to meet the Acupuncturist and ask any questions or discuss concerns you may have and explore how Acupuncture may benefit you. The physician will take this time to explain to you in simple terms what Acupuncture is and how it may be able to help your condition. This session is regularly priced at $50.00, and is valid for new patients only.


Call our office to schedule your consultation today! 904-327-0457